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These photos were taken March 15, 1999

crosswalk.gif (87511 bytes)
The Abbey Road Crosswalk
Intersection of Grove End Road and Abbey Road
Abbey Road Studios is the building in the center of this photo.

"There's a lot of people around, making a lot of noise, here's some more." 
- Arthur Wax from George Harrison's Electronic Sound liner notes.

My first thought upon seeing the infamous Abbey Road crossing was that the road seemed much more narrow than I expected.  Somehow, I thought it was a wider street.   There is a monument in the center of this intersection, most people stand at the edge of the monument and shoot their photos.   I arrived at about 8am Sunday morning the very first time I visited Abbey Road.    Little did I know then that I should have taken my crossing photo right away.   During the rest of the week, this intersection is very busy, with FAST and constant traffic, and lots of tourists.   We were late for our recording session, so I didn't get to snap the photos until much later in the day.   The road was crowded and busy by then.  I feel sorry for the residents of St John's Wood who must endure hundreds of tourists daily trying to take their famous "crossing" photo.     

The next morning, a Volkswagon "Beetle" commercial was being shot on the crosswalk.  They had 2 new Volkswagon "Beetle" cars "crossing" the road.   I don't know if this will be a print ad, or a TV commercial.   I thought it was a good idea for the car company.   I know they tried unsucessfully to get the Beatles to endorse their new cars.   I guess this is the next best thing.

There's a lot of people around, taking a lot of Abbey Road crossing photos and annoying the neighbors, so here's my photo:

crossing3.gif (154626 bytes)
That's me in the purple shirt.  London in March without leaves on the
trees gives Abbey Road an entirely different look.   I don't advise standing in the
middle of the street to take the photo, cars are driving very fast from around a curve.