Photos and text by kind courtesy of Georgia Williams

Georgia Williams

From what I understand Halloween was about the same time as some of the vegetable harvests in Germany...hence the "veggie" items. Items marked "Germany" or "Made in Germany" were made before W.W.II. Before the war most of our holiday decorations came from Germany and Czechoslovakia. Items made after the war are marked US Zone Germany, Zone Germany, Western Germany. In the late 1940's-50's Japan got into the market and at that time "copied" a lot of the German designs. Most of those pieces are very collectible. - Georgia Williams

Please note that none of these items are for sale

Early German composition 2-sided lantern. One side Red cat, other side pumpkin, original face inserts, 5"


German Tea set - All Ceramic - 1"- 2"
German Candy Containers, composition.
Witch Candy Container 3-1/2" - Boy on Pumpkin 2" - Veggie guy with ring on top 3" - all are composition
Life-size paper mache skeleton - early
Very large, EARLY pumpkin lantern - original face - 11" x 10"
Very large skeleton head lantern, paper mache, 12" x 12"

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