Uncle Fester's Mystery Light Bulb, 1967

Ah, dear Uncle Fester. From the Addams Family TV series. This plastic light bulb was powered by one AA size battery. The actual flashlight bulb is a 1.5 volt elongated, frosted bulb. The instructions say to replace the lamp with a standard 1.5 volt flashlight bulb once the original burns out. The flashlight bulb is contained within a non-breakable plastic full-sized light bulb. You can tell it's authentic if the top of the bulb is stamped "ML" and surrounding these letters are the words "Mystery Light Bulb".

The trick in lighting the bulb was to make an electrical connection between the bottom of the metal lamp base and the side of the lamp base. You could do this by wearing the special ring included in the box, by using aluminum foil concealed in your hand, or in your mouth if you want to practice the conventional Uncle Fester method.

One of the great dangers of this toy is that the bulb base was not reverse threaded. This allowed the 1.5 volt battery operated bulb to be easily screwed into any 110-115 Volt lamp socket! Knowing this toy might cause a possible fire or electrocution would most certainly evoke a sly smile on the faces of the entire Addams clan.

Manufactured 1967, Poynter Products Inc., Cincinnati, Ohio
US Distributor: Alabe Crafts, Inc., Cincinnati, Ohio 45204

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