Seance 1972

Uncle Everett calling from the Great Beyond

The object of the Sťance game is to outwit rich Uncle Everett and win the most money. This is a great and highly collectible game from Milton Bradley.

To begin playing the game, you first had to assemble the cardboard Sťance room, props, and chairs. The chairs were the playing pieces, and the game included cardboard stock certificates, jewelry, and other treasures.

The best prop in this game is the Sťance table itself. Within the plastic table was a record turntable and a small, double sided record. The record contained the voice of our dear departed Uncle Everett. By activating a switch on the side of the table, Uncle Everett conveyed his messages from the Great Beyond. The messages were randomly played each time the switch was activated.

All players bid against each other for the privilege of receiving a "message" from the record. The highest bidder obeyed Uncle Everett's wishes. (If you could possibly understand the scratchy turntable voice.) The voice may give you Aunt Zelda's portrait, or perhaps nothing at all.

When all the articles have been taken, the record is turned over and part 2 of the game begins. This time, Uncle Everett tells you the value of each item you have acquired. The voice might tell you that the item is worthless, but if it is worth money, the money is taken from the "Zeke the Parrot's fund". This value is written in the player's bankbook.

When all items are gone, or when Uncle Everett commands, the game is over. The player with the most money at the end of the game is the winner.

Sťance is a highly sought after game. If you find it, it may take some time to get the turntable operational again. It is powered by one "D" size battery. Expect to pay around $100 for this game in working condition. As Uncle Everett would say "Oh my, I'm giving away all my money!"

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